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advantages of Endourology

An Overview Of Endourology- Procedures And Advantages Explained

Endourology involves using minimally invasive surgical procedures to investigate and diagnose conditions that affect the urinary tract. These procedures are executed using small endoscopes and instrumentations such as lasers, graspers, cautery, and retrieval baskets, all of which can be conducted without making big incision. Let the Best Endourologist in Kolkata discuss the different procedures and the advantages of endourology through this blog. Here we will be discussing some of the different types of endourological procedures that include:


In this procedure, a ureteroscope is passed through the urethra and bladder and straight into the upper urinary tract of the patient. This removes and breaks up stones, and assesses and treats the doubtful lesions within the ureter.


This is one of the endoscopic assessments of the internal lining of the kidney.


It is a non-surgical procedure by which doctors examine the inside of the kidneys. Note that, a nephoscope is a thin and flexible tube that is capable to treat kidney stones and other conditions in the kidneys such as tumours and other issues related to the kidneys.


There is a powerful thin camera called a cystoscope that is used to see inside the bladder via the urethra. The cystoscope is usually hollow that allows small instruments to be passed down to treat any bladder-related issues.

Your doctor or surgeon will talk to you about what type of surgical procedure you need if you need to go through endourology for some reason.

Since this procedure is performed using minimally invasive instruments, an endourology procedure is different from more conventional urology procedures. Some of the advantages of endourology are-

  • Endourology holds an excellent success rate. The result of this surgical procedure is always the finest if compared to the other procedures.
  • No incision is required to perform Endourology.
  • Usually, patients experience less pain after the surgery and the recovery period becomes way easier. And, there remains less possibility of occurring post-operative bodily complications.
  • Fast recovery and therefore, the patients can return to the normal daily activities as early as possible.

However, patients who might need to undergo endourology should always consult the Best Endourologist in Kolkata in order to get the best result from the surgery.

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