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Prostate Cancer Myths

Rejecting 7 Common Myths About Prostate Cancer

If you are being diagnosed with prostate cancer, then you are not the only one! About one out of eight men suffers from prostate cancer during his lifetime. However, prostate cancer is highly curable if it is detected in the early stages. There are a lot of insignificant misconceptions or myths revolving around prostate cancer. Everyone should get acquainted with the facts behind these misconceptions because only the truth can save a life! So, let the best uro oncology doctor in Kolkata unveil the truth behind the 7 most common myths about prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer

7 Most Common Myths about Prostate Cancer

Myth 1: Only older men have prostate cancer.

Fact: It is indeed a truth that the majority of men who get diagnosed with prostate cancer are older. But that does not necessarily mean that younger men do not have prostate cancer. Even, 40% of the prostate cancer cases indicate that men around the age of 50 can develop prostate cancer. However, it is also rare for men to develop prostate cancer at 40 or below.

Myth 2: Prostate cancer is not at all deadly.

Fact: According to any experienced uro oncology specialist in Kolkata, prostate cancer is still the second leading cause of cancer death in men in India. So, it will be absurd to claim that prostate cancer is not deadly or life-threatening. Prostate cancer is curable if it is detected at the initial stages only. However, not having any tests or diagnosis due to the misconception that prostate cancer is not so serious, a significant number of men end up with uncurable prostate cancer which is much deadly after a point of time.

Myth 3: The recurrence of prostate cancer is not treatable again.

Fact: The recurrence of prostate cancer is very much common. But that does not mean that it is not treatable or curable. If in the first attempt, prostate cancer does not cure and it comes back again after some period of time, the approach of treatment should be changed by a robotic uro oncology surgeon in Kolkata. Remember that, after the recurrence of prostate cancer, remission is possible again.

Myth 4: Prostate cancer always leads a man to impotence.

Fact: Multiple study reports claim that almost 25% of men after having surgery for prostate cancer may experience mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. However, most men develop prostate cancer in their 60s, it is normal to have some compromise of sexual function. Now, prostate cancer surgery cannot correct or resolve this issue. But it also is not likely to make the situation significantly worse again. However, avoiding impotence after prostate cancer surgery depends on a number of factors like – surgical techniques and the skill and efficiency of a uro oncology surgeon!

Myth 5: Prostate cancer always causes urinary incontinence.

Fact: Just next to impotence, most men worry about the possibility of having urinary incontinence after prostate cancer surgery. It is a huge misconception that urinary incontinence is a result of prostate cancer surgery. But the majority of men do not commonly experience any sort of urinary issues once they undergo prostate cancer surgery. However, to eliminate this possibility, your surgeon has to perform surgery so efficiently that there remains a fewer possibility to develop urinary incontinence and other urinary problems after surgery.

Myth 6: The screenings for prostate cancer are unnecessary and harmful.

Fact: The screenings for prostate cancer including PSA testing, remains a topic of debate in the community of medical professionals. While it has both benefits and limitations, discussing the pros and cons with your healthcare provider is essential to make an informed decision based on your individual risk factors. Yet, no evidence has been gathered to claim the harmfulness of prostate cancer screenings. Still, it is better to discuss this with your chosen uro oncology specialist in Kolkata.

Myth 7: Having herbal supplements can cure prostate cancer.

Fact: There is no proven evidence that having some herbal supplements alone can cure men’s prostate cancer. While some herbal supplements may have potential benefits in combination with conventional treatments, they should not be used as a substitute for medical advice.

However, to debunk all the myths and misconceptions about prostate cancer, always consult an experienced uro oncology specialist in Kolkata and rely on evidence-based information to better understand prostate cancer and make informed decisions about prevention, detection, and further treatment.

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