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5 Important Facts You Need to Know About Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer or renal cancer refers to the unusual growth of cells in the kidney tissue. However, it is important to note that renal cancer accounts for nearly about 3% of all registered cancers in our country. Kidney cancer generally occurs after the age of 50, both in men and women. Since kidney cancer continues to affect the lives of so many people every year in India, it is very important to understand the disease thoroughly. For that, let a renowned Robotic Uro Oncology Surgeon in Kolkata enlighten you with 5 interesting yet important facts about kidney cancer through this blog post!

Fact-1 Men are twice more likely to develop kidney cancer than women: In general, statistics claim that the projected incidence of kidney cancer is almost about 2 out of 100,000 population in men, and in women, it is nearly 1 out of 100,000 population in our country. Therefore, it indicates that men are twice as more likely to suffer from kidney cancer than women of their age. Though the exact reason for this is still unknown, the possible risk factors include higher rates of smoking, drinking, and chemical exposure.

Fact-2 There are no early signs but there are warning signs of kidney cancer: Like other types of cancer, renal cancer hardly leads to potential signs or symptoms in the initial stages. But when the warning signs start showing, they might include – blood in the urine, severe back pain that does not fade away on its own, feeling fatigued, tiredness, fever, sudden weight loss, and more!

Fact-3 People above the age of 55 are more prone to kidney cancer: Did you know that the risk of renal cancer gradually increases with aging? According to every experienced Uro Oncology Specialist in Kolkata, the average age of kidney diagnosis is 64. Therefore, under the age of 45, kidney cancer is relatively uncommon both in men and women.

Fact-4 Your Kidney cancer may come from your family history: Your family history can lead you to develop kidney cancer. If any of your first-degree relatives like parents, siblings, or child has had kidney cancer, you are also more likely to develop kidney cancer as you inherit the disease from your family members.

Fact-5 It might require surgery in severe cases of kidney cancer: It is important to note that the treatment of kidney cancer mainly depends on its stage. A biopsy can initially help inform the treatment alternative. However, the treatment options include surveillance, ablation, partial nephrectomy, and radical nephrectomy.

Now that you are well aware of the important facts about kidney cancer, see the Best Uro Oncology Doctor in Kolkata if you observe any warning signs of kidney cancer.

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