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Bladder cancer is one of the most common malignancies related to the urinary system. Most commonly, bladder cancer takes place in older adults, especially, patients above the age of 65. Therefore, according to a majority of uro oncology specialists in Kolkata, age has always been a greater risk factor for the development of bladder cancer. However, this blog, brought to you by the best uro oncologist in Kolkata discusses how bladder cancer is managed and treated in elderly patients – read ahead! Treatment options for bladder cancer in older people – Surgery: Surgical options for bladder cancer include transurethral resection of the

Uro-oncological concerns refer to cancers that usually affect the genitourinary system of human beings. However, it includes the kidneys, bladder, prostate, testicles, and other organs involved in the production and excretion of urine. According to the best uro oncologist in Kolkata, maintaining good health of the urological system is very important to prevent uro oncological issues. However, early detection and diagnosis of uro-oncological conditions are highly crucial for that. Why early detection and diagnosis is important? Improved Treatment Options: Detecting urological cancers such as bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer at an early stage provides a wider range of

Kidney cancer or renal cancer refers to the unusual growth of cells in the kidney tissue. However, it is important to note that renal cancer accounts for nearly about 3% of all registered cancers in our country. Kidney cancer generally occurs after the age of 50, both in men and women. Since kidney cancer continues to affect the lives of so many people every year in India, it is very important to understand the disease thoroughly. For that, let a renowned Robotic Uro Oncology Surgeon in Kolkata enlighten you with 5 interesting yet important facts about kidney cancer through this

You might be surprised to know that prostate cancer is one of the top ten cancers in India. Men after the age of 50 usually suffer from prostate cancer due to a number of reasons! But the good thing is the survival rate for prostate cancer is quite high in India. For that, it requires early detection of the cancer, proper treatment and diagnosis, and some healthy lifestyle habits. Therefore, to fight off prostate cancer thoroughly, it is important to have an honest and open discussion with a Uro Oncology Specialist in Kolkata. A patient has to feel free to

Bladder cancer surgery, depending on the stage and extent of the disease, usually involves a number of significant procedures such as transurethral resection of the bladder tumor (TURBT), partial cystectomy, radical cystectomy, or urinary diversion. Like any surgical procedure, bladder cancer surgery can also have some potential risks and complications during the recovery period. However, the specific complications a patient may experience can vary depending on the type of surgery performed for bladder cancer. So, in today’s blog, brought to you by the best uro oncologist in Kolkata, let’s explore some of the most common complications after bladder cancer surgery

If you are being diagnosed with prostate cancer, then you are not the only one! About one out of eight men suffers from prostate cancer during his lifetime. However, prostate cancer is highly curable if it is detected in the early stages. There are a lot of insignificant misconceptions or myths revolving around prostate cancer. Everyone should get acquainted with the facts behind these misconceptions because only the truth can save a life! So, let the best uro oncology doctor in Kolkata unveil the truth behind the 7 most common myths about prostate cancer. 7 Most Common Myths about Prostate Cancer

Renal cancer aka kidney cancer has been one of the most common uro oncological issues in our country. With the increasing rate of kidney cancer, more and more people (both men and women) are being diagnosed with the treatments of renal cancer every year. Thankfully, the success rate of kidney cancer is also high. But that is only possible if it is detected and treated at the earliest stage. Since renal cancer has been a common occurrence these days, we all need to have enough knowledge about this uro oncological issue. This blog, drafted by the Best Uro Oncologist in

Tobacco is a notorious name when it comes to suffering from a number of significant health conditions. Similarly, the consumption of tobacco is a significant risk factor for various urological cancers as well. Here's how tobacco is linked to the development of various urological cancers – listen to the Best Uro Oncologist in Kolkata! Bladder Cancer: So far, smoking or the consumption of tobacco is the most well-established risk factor for bladder cancer. The chemicals in tobacco smoke, such as aromatic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are excreted in the urine, and prolonged exposure of the bladder to these carcinogens

As the name itself suggests, Urinary Tract Infections are bacterial infections that involve the urinary system in both men and women. Although women are more likely to have Urinary Tract Infections, men too develop this for a couple of significant reasons. Almost 3% of men all over the globe get diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infections every year. Therefore, let us explore the snippets of Urinary Tract Infections in men in this blog, brought to you by a renowned Robotic Uro Oncologist in Kolkata. Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections in Men – The following symptoms are the most common ones when it

The rate of kidney cancer is increasing day by day in our country. To be honest, no one literally knows when he/she will develop kidney cancer at any point in life. However, understanding the possible causes and potential risk factors may help take necessary preventative measures and decrease the likelihood of developing kidney or renal cancer. If you are interested in knowing the causes and risk factors of renal cancer, go through this blog, drafted by a reputable Robotic Uro Oncology Surgeon in Kolkata. What exactly causes kidney cancer? Kidney cancer occurs when DNA in the cells of one or both