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In the era of smart medical science, there is truly an abundance of options or choices to make when it comes to undergoing a surgical procedure. However, having a choice empowers you to make the right decision for your health, and so, sometimes it also brings a lot of questions and queries and maybe some confusion too. While the conventional surgical process is already there, robotic surgery is also a good choice for a lot of people and doctors. So, what to choose – traditional surgery or robotic surgery? Anyways, to minimize the confusion, let the Best Urologist in Kolkata

Did you know that prostate cancer is one of the top ten cancers affecting men across all age groups? Even in our country, prostate cancer is highly prevalent and you might be surprised to know that it is the 6th leading cause of death in men above 50 in India. However, in spite of the figures and the increasing incidence of prostate cancer, it can be controlled by practicing certain effective prevention measures. Prostate cancer prevention is a conscious choice to substantially lower the risk of its spread and sometimes from getting it fatal. Therefore, in today’s blog, Dr. Tarun Jindal,

Since there are so many doctors and specialists out there, it sometimes becomes difficult to determine who you should see if you develop certain medical issues. It is also right that your primary physician may refer you to the right specialist according to your health condition and complications, yet, having knowledge of specialties and medical fields can accelerate the process of your diagnosis and treatment. However, urology is a special field that focuses on certain disorders in both the male and female urinary tract, as well as conditions involving male sex organs. So, when it comes to certain issues that

Going through success stories of great professionals stimulates motivational enzymes to do a great job in professional life since a lot of us wish to emulate them on our path to success in our own lives. So, in today’s blog, we will be cherishing the success story of Dr. Tarun Jindal, the best urologist and laparoscopic oncologist in Kolkata. Hence, read on! The profile of Dr. Tarun Jindal – Dr. Tarun Jindal is a medical professional who has an expert hand in the field of robotic, laparoscopic, and opens urological procedures, endourology, and urogynaecology. However, his main domain of interest is

Did you know that prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers and the second leading cause of cancer death among men? Since prostate cancer grows very slowly, the best urologist in Kolkata recommends that every man stays under regular medical supervision to identify and diagnose cancer early. Explore today’s blog to learn about prostate cancer early symptoms, screening, risk factors, and more. So, look into it! What are the common signs or symptoms of prostate cancer? At the very early stage, prostate cancer hardly shows any symptoms. Since it is a type of cancer that develops very slowly, sometimes

Because of the everyday packed schedule, people hardly find sufficient time to pay attention to their urological health. Maintaining your urological health is so important that less attention might often lead you to some serious urological problems. Sometimes, urological problems turn out to be life-threatening also. So, regulating your urological health on a daily basis keeps you away from some major urological issues. Listen to what the best robotic urologist in Kolkata is suggesting in today’s blog. Here we will be revealing 4 easy and effective tips to maintain or improve your urological health.  Drink an ample amount of water: When

During summer, as you sweat Profusely, it affects your urological system. This is because your summer habits – from what you eat to what you do on a regular basis –play a major role in managing your urological system. Since we belong to a country that holds extremely high temperatures most of the time, we need to be a bit more conscious about this. However, you can enjoy the warmer months, with the compliments of the following 4 tips for maintaining and improving urinary health during the summer. Let’s explore the 4 healthy habits through this blog, penned by the

Nowadays, robotic surgery is considered to be highly effective. Robotic surgery offers numerous advantages like decreased pain, reduced blood loss, fewer post-operative bodily complications, and most importantly, quicker recovery. Along with these, robotic surgery helps in avoiding lengthy hospital stays for patients and promotes an enhanced quality of life. Still, there are some people who get intimidated by the idea of undergoing robotic surgery, owing to a few irrational myths. Therefore, in today’s blog, the most recommended Robotic Urological Surgeon in Kolkata will be debunking some of the common myths highly associated with robotic surgery. Myth 1: A surgeon has nothing

The prostate is a part of the male reproductive organ which produces the seminal fluid that provides nutrients to sperms. Nowadays, prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer affecting males. Doctors recommend every male after the age of 45 years should be alert about this form of cancer. If diagnosed and treated in its initial stages where cancer has not yet spread to other areas, the chances of a successful recovery from prostate cancer are quite possible. For that, every person needs to know the warning signs of prostate cancer. Read this blog, drafted by the

Aging is a natural and unavoidable process and as you get older, you will necessarily start to make regular appointments with various doctors to assess your overall health and its well-being. Among these various essential medical consultations, you must visit your urologist which is often recommended to do regularly if you turn 40 and above. Feeling a bit nervous while visiting your urologist is quite normal. Listen to how the Best Urologist in Kolkata is suggesting to prepare yourself for a urologist visit. Consider taking your current prescriptions If you are going to visit a urologist for the first time, your doctor