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Robotic Uro Oncology Surgery & Procedures

Robotic uro oncology surgery in Kolkata allows surgeons to perform urological surgeries through a few small incisions or cuts. This surgical process avoids the requirements for giving large cuts as in the case of conventional open surgery.
During robotic surgery, a surgeon sits at a console near the patient and performs the surgery using small instruments. The robotic system replicates every hand movement a robotic surgeon does in real-time. The surgeon can bend and rotate the instruments with precision inside the patient’s body by sitting on the operating console.

The robotic camera provides a high-definition, 3-dimensional magnified view of the inside of a patients body. It also enables the surgeon to use advance technologies like the Firefly fluorescence imaging, which offers visualization beyond the human eye allowing the surgeon to provide maximal functional outcomes to the patient.

Advantages of the robotic uro oncology surgery
Compared with traditional open surgery, patients who undergo robotic-assisted uro surgeries experience:

  • Less blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Faster recovery times

Robotic Prostatectomy surgery – Utilizing the latest surgical technology, some miniaturized robotic instruments are moved through several small keyhole incisions in the patient’s abdominal area. Robotic Prostatectomy surgery in Kolkata is done to allow the surgeon to detach the prostate and nearby tissues with great accuracy. Robotic prostatectomy is less invasive than a traditional radical retropubic prostatectomy, which involves an abdominal incision that expands from the belly button to the pubic bone.

Visit us for experiencing the best robotic prostatectomy surgery in Kolkata conducted by the best urological oncologist in Kolkata.

Robotic radical cystectomy – In order to convey it in the simplest words, it can be said that robotic radical cystectomy is a bladder removal surgery. This entire bladder removal surgery is mainly done in order to get rid of bladder cancers. Just like robotic prostatectomy surgery in Kolkata, robotic radical cystectomy is also less invasive and creates smaller incisions in the abdominal area.

Robotic radical/partial nephrectomy – A radical nephrectomy indicates the removal of the entire kidney by a robotic surgeon. During this procedure, a few additional structures like the ureter, adrenal gland, or lymph nodes might also be removed by the surgeon.

Partial nephrectomy aka kidney-sparing surgery denotes the removal of the cancerous tissue from a kidney and leaving healthy tissue in place. It requires more complicated surgical skills to execute successfully.

Other Robotic procedures conducted by Dr. Tarun Jindal – Along with conducting robotic nephrectomy, robotic cystectomy, and robotic prostatectomy surgery in Kolkata, Dr. Jindal is an expert in many other robotic surgeries that include, robotic groin dissections, robotic retro-peritoneal node dissections, robotic pelvic exenteration, and so on.

FAQs about Robotic Urological Surgery

Working from a special console in the operating room, a robotic uro oncologist operates several precision-guided robotic arms that hold and manipulate miniaturized instruments in order to insert through keyhole-sized incisions. During this time, a small video camera provides the robotic surgeons with magnified 3-dimension images of the operating site.

Any random surgeon cannot simply walk into a robotic surgery operating room and start operating a robotic surgical system without proper training and enough experience.

Just like any major surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia, robotic surgery has also a certain amount of risk, including heart attack, stroke, and death. This is why the best robotic prostate surgeon in Kolkata evaluates the overall health condition of a patient before surgery.

The hospital stays of any surgery majorly depend upon multiple factors including the procedure being performed, the patient’s current medical and cardiac condition, history of prior surgeries (if there is any), and healing capability. In some cases, the patient can go home on the day of surgery, and in others, the patient stays overnight in the hospital. However, it is important that you discuss your case with your robotic surgeon.

Yes. Because not everyone is appropriate for undergoing robotic surgery and other minimally invasive procedures. Depending on the health condition of a patient, a robotic prostate surgeon in Kolkata takes the decision of conducting robotic surgery.

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