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Renal cancer aka kidney cancer has been one of the most common uro oncological issues in our country. With the increasing rate of kidney cancer, more and more people (both men and women) are being diagnosed with the treatments of

Tobacco is a notorious name when it comes to suffering from a number of significant health conditions. Similarly, the consumption of tobacco is a significant risk factor for various urological cancers as well. Here's how tobacco is linked to the

As the name itself suggests, Urinary Tract Infections are bacterial infections that involve the urinary system in both men and women. Although women are more likely to have Urinary Tract Infections, men too develop this for a couple of significant

The bladder that holds the urine from the kidneys is one of the most important organs of our bodies. Many of us do not consider the importance of our bladders until they stop working properly. When this happens, a person

Bladder cancer is preventable or not – is a huge debate among experts and medical practitioners. Many professionals believe that there are some unavoidable factors that may work behind the occurrence of bladder cancer. Contrarily, some experts think that making

Prostate cancer surgery is quite an intricate surgical procedure that may take several weeks to get back to normal activities. However, the recovery from your prostate cancer surgery will highly depend on the type of surgery you have opted for

As we all know that the main function of our kidneys is to remove waste from our bodies via urine, then when occurs a kidney stone? Kidney stones occur when there remains too much waste in your body and it

The golf ball-sized reproductive organs of men generally tend to grow with age. Sometimes, when they grow larger than normal, they might lead a man to several serious health conditions. One of those serious complications is prostate cancer. In the

For the last few decades, medical science has drastically evolved. The advancement of medical science and technology has made surgeries easier since it introduced the robotic surgical procedure. People for several reasons have been choosing the robotic surgical method over

We all know that old age comes with a set of various health issues. From weaker bones, breathing problems, and joint pains to cardiac health concerns, digestive problems, and urological issues – there is a lot that most older people